How Can We Pray for You?

praying handsAt First Alliance Church, we take seriously the opportunity to pray for you and with you.

You may have a special request that you'd like us to join with you in prayer for.

Or, perhaps you are rejoicing at an answer to prayer.  We'd love to rejoice with you!

Either way, let us know how we can include you as we pray for our community.


Prayer Request

Let us know how we can best pray for you.

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Sunday Mornings

Worship: 8:00 am
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Student Ministries: 6:30 in cafe
LifeU: 6:30 pm
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Celebrate Recovery:

  Dinner: 6:00 pm

  Worship: 7:00 pm

  Small Groups: 8:00 pm

  Fellowship: 9:00 pm